Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day to hit the mark

And hit the mark, I did.

3.64 more miles in the books, which means I hit my mark of 48, plus another .4 for good measure.

Not sure which is the more overwhelming feeling right now, the satisfaction of knocking down another 3 1/2 miles, or the tight balls of hate in my shins.

Only 2 splits, both measuring 1.82 miles:
1: 18:55.41
2: 21:42.65 (mostly because I got stuck by a long red light, but also because I was wearing down)
Total: 40:38.06
Pace: 11:09 per mile

That's a tolerable pace for me right now. It won't be in a month, but then again running only 3.6 miles won't be acceptable in a month, either.

2 off days coming up, and I need them, bad.

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