Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scrubbed run

I stuck to the schedule this morning, but to no avail.


The alarm went off at 5:00am, I was already awake at 4:45 but wanted to wait and make sure the alarm worked (yea, right).  I dutifully hit the button at 5, and got up promptly at 5:09am.  Slipped on the shorts, socks, and shoes, grabbed the hat (that I won at the RTW, thank you very much, Luke’s Locker!), and hit the pavement running.  I made it around the block and noticed a curious little gimpiness.

“Hm”, I thought to myself.  “Hm, that’s interesting, maybe it’ll go away.”


Nope.  I went another block, and it didn’t go away.  I stopped and walked home.

It wasn’t pain, per se.  But it felt like the precursor to pain.  “A softness”, as I described it to my lovely wife, and object of my showing off.  A feeling that I’m not at all happy with.

Maybe a good 3.5 miles this morning would have pushed it over the edge from “soft” to “hurt” and gotten it on to the healing path?

Maybe it’s just a tired knee, explaining to me that I’m doing too much too fast?

Maybe if I lay off it for the morning and maybe evening, it’ll get better?

Maybe it was just too damn early for the second time this week?


Not sure.  But I opted to scrub the run and try and hit it this evening, just to see how things go.  This means, of course, that I’m now .5 miles + 3.5 miles behind my weekly goal of 20 miles, which may or may not be made up elsewhere in the week.  I think I’ll end up with a 16 mile week, unless I sneak in a run on Friday morning (unlikely) or Saturday evening (very likely).  I suppose Sunday is always an option.

The 5k in the Woodlands this weekend is still on the calendar.  I’m going to set a PR this weekend.  I feel it.  I demand it.  I need that win, real bad.

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