Thursday, August 6, 2009


From August 3:


Ok, so I had the burger.  And it was good.


But it wasn’t a double (did have cheese, though), it did have lettuce and tomato, no mayo, and no coke.

Yes, I ate the fries.


So, I figure the salad balances out the yummy, juicy, delicious meaty cheezey burger.

And the tea offset the fries and foregone coke.

Take that, Captain Killjoy!


Of course, I’m still going to have to put in 5 miles or so to balance the whole deal, but I was hoping to work up to 5 miles by next week anyway.  I’m actually looking a little bit forward to the 6 mile route I used to run.  It’s a lot longer on a map than it feels in my head, and it’s even longer while running it than it looks on a map.  But, as far as runs go, it’s a good run.

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