Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two miles--no walking

Ok, I squeezed in two miles this morning. Not having a watch is beginning to get on my nerves.
I think I maintained a 10 minute pace, but I can't be sure. I paused twice to catch my breath, but both pauses were less than 5 seconds. The legs didn't feel like tree trunks at all during the run, and I managed to work through the "ok, just walk for a few paces" phase right after the turnaround point.
Working through that is a big psychological win for me. When I hit the turnaround point (or mile markers at Memorial), there's this feeling of "whew, I did it!" I presume you runners know what I'm talking about. Then comes the "I give me permission to walk" crap that pops into my head, so the physical trainer on my back starts to shout insults at that little douche and challenging my manhood. I have a very interesting soundtrack going through my head when I run (or bike, for that matter). I'll describe my physical trainer a bit more at some other time.

2 miles today. No walking. For a run, it felt good.

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