Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sprints. Ugh.

They should totally contact the United Nations and make some kind of treaty banning this crap.

Total workout was only about a mile and a half, mostly because I quit after a half mile of sprints 'cause I hate them and my leg was hurting and I couldn't breath and it was dark and hyenas, and werewolves, and vampire bats, and zombies, and all kinds of other good reasons to not run after dark.

Since I got me a watch, I know my splits!!
The warmup mile clocked in at just over 8:30:
Lap1: 1:57.65
Lap2: 2:12.96
Lap3: 2:17.03
Lap4: 2:15.00
4 sprints, running the straights and walking the turns:
1: 0:20.90
2: 0:20.15
3: 0:19.98
4: 0:18.79

Next time I go for sprints, I think I'm going to drop a line to the Cheetah to get someone to push me a little.
Depending on how the leg feels tomorrow, I may be shutting it down for the week.

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