Monday, August 17, 2009


I put out my shoes, shorts, shirt, socks, and hat to run this morning.

The alarm went off, as planned, at the appointed hour.

I decided to “sleep in” and grab an extra 30 minutes sleep rather than 30 minutes running.


I think, if I am to run in the morning, I have to set the alarm yet an hour earlier (and go to bed yet an hour earlier) in order to pull off the 30 minutes or so I’d like to start running during the week.  Thanks to the victory of the 3.5mile 5k I ran on Thursday, I feel that the weekday short runs must be no less than 3 miles now, unless there’s a good reason to do something different.  I vaguely remember my short runs being in the 6 mile range in 2006, but I also remember weekday runs being at Memorial Park, which means they were likely to be only 3 miles as I rarely ran the circle two times.  Maybe I should actually look back at that old running journal and see?


Regardless, I feel stronger than ever and am actually itching to get out on the road and RUN!!  It’s an odd thing, an odd thing indeed.  I may be starting to like this foolishness.


I made an interesting observation while in the saddle on Saturday.  The bike was much, much harder than the run 2 days earlier.  I wonder if it’s because the only master I have on the trail is the distance, while when in the saddle I have a clock, speedometer and odometer as my masters.  Consequently, to chase the statistics, I’m pushing myself and not simply riding.  Meanwhile, on the trail I’m just running.  And I’m reading these stories (and blogs) of people who just get up and run.  They wake up, strap on the shoes, and go out and feel normal.


Maybe I shouldn’t get a watch.


I also read that running combines 2 primal elements of humanity—fear and love.  You see something you are afraid of and you turn and run.  You see something you love, you turn towards it and run.  Also, children run EVERYWHERE.  It’s just a part of what they are.  Those tiny little unfiltered beasts just … run.  As they grow, they begin to filter those two primal emotions and learn to moderate and walk.  Maybe that’s the difference between a runner and someone who runs.


Anyhow…  it’s off to Memorial Park to run this evening.  No less than 3 miles, rain or shine.


And this weekend I’m going to set a PR at the RTW.

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