Sunday, August 30, 2009

Run update

Last night, for the first time, I ran home from church. We had a party, and I ran home. Hooray!!

It was a short-ish run of only 2.77 miles, and after the first quarter mile or so it wasn't a bad run. It was mostly in the dusk, not quite dark, and I didn't exactly rock it out. The splits are from landmark to landmark, not so much specific distances.
The first .9 of a mile (or so) was run in 9:21.
The next half mile (or so) was about 4:51.
The next third of a mile (or so) wrapped up in 2:56.
The next bit was close to a half mile, and I knocked it down in 4:06
The final stretch was about three quarters of a mile, and I slogged through it in 8:24.
All around, not impressive. But it was mostly pain free (yay!) after the first quarter mile and my recovery time after the run (the time it takes to catch my breath and quit sweating buckets) was not too long.

Today, however, my legs are just worn out, which bugs me because it wasn't THAT long of a run. And the shorts I wore yesterday (Addidas shorts from Sports Authority) chafed like hell. I hate those shorts. Hate them hate them hate them... but they were the only ones I have that didn't stink like a sweaty ass.
Oh well, I'm a little bummed and not feeling the running vibe right now. I'll likely hit it tomorrow.

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