Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Got me some gear

Ok, since I’m doing sprints, I decided to finally drop some coin on a new watch.

While I was getting the watch, I decided to check out the bags.  Underarmor was the only company that had bags with a separate compartment for shoes and that was precisely what I was looking for in a duffle.  So, I picked me up a new bag and can now stop using my overnight luggage duffle for my running gear.

Finally, I trotted by the shoe section and saw Nike’s running sandal.  It looks really, really nice.  And for only $20, it was a helluva good deal.  But, I already bought some shoes and don’t need those—maybe in a couple of months I’ll pick up a pair, but not now.  Across from the shoes were the shirts, so I grabbed me a new shirt that will hopefully keep the sweat off my back, and headed to the checkout.

New bag, new watch, new shirt…  ready to run tonight.  I can’t wait.  I’m legitimately looking forward to a good workout tonight.

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