Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday get away day

Today is the first scheduled running day of September for me.

After 3 days off, I’m going to go to Memorial Park, run a terrible 5k that will include excruciating agony and boredom as well as 2, possibly 3 miles at a pace far slower than should be normal, then maybe, if I’m lucky, leg and side cramps. 

I can’t wait.



Thus far this training thing is an exercise in physical and mental discipline.  I’m not trying to get away from running, I’m trying to get absorbed into running, so I’m not bringing my iPod on the runs yet.  I’m trying to become one with the pavement, one with the visceral, carnal action of running.  I’m seeking zen (maybe THAT should be the blog name?) in running shoes.  In fact, I don’t suppose I even need running shoes.  I’m going to Galveston next weekend for my first ever “out of town” run, and I think I may run nude on the beach to greet a sunrise, just to have the feel of running free.  I’ve read about it and how liberating an experience it can be to just run and completing an elemental ccircuit between the prehistoric and modern man.  Participating in the one thing that mankind does when frightened AND elated.  The one activity that connects defense and offense, protecting ourselves from being eaten while providing something for us to eat.  I think that’s going to be something to do…  but I don’t think I’ll be telling my wife that.  I doubt she’ll let me do it.

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