Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's run!!

3 miles at about 1:30pm (lunch run, whoot!!)


Mile 1:  9:28.74

Mile 2:  10:12.04

Mile 3:  9:36.84


Total:  00:29:17.62


Mile one was a little quicker than I expected, mile 2 a little slower than expected. 

Mile 3 turned out to be a tale of 2 runs:

The first ½ was done in 5 minutes.  The second ½ was done in 4:36.  The quarter mile checks on the first lap had even splits of roughly 2:15 at the first two markers, so the last ½ mile was run at about the same pace as the first ½ mile.  That’s pretty manly, if I do say so myself.


Tomorrow, probably 6 or 8 miles, then I’m shutting it down for the weekend and running another “crucible” week starting Monday!!

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