Friday, September 25, 2009

Today's run is doubtful

I was planning 3 laps at Memorial Park this evening, but a couple of things are conspiring to possibly prevent that from happening.


First and foremost, the lovely wife wrenched her back and may not be ambulatory this afternoon.  If that’s the case, I’m damn sure not going to be able to go out running.

Second, the rain has created some rather juicy conditions on the trail at Memorial.  I hate running in the mud for two reasons—it’s bad for the track and it’s bad for me.

Third, and somewhat related to the second one, my left ankle hurts, but not in an “oh my god I can’t move” type of way, more like an achy, overused, improperly used kind of way.  The track where I ran my intervals was a little sloppy, so I employed the grass around one of the curves.  The grass was wet, but not soupy.  It was also a little rutty, though.  I think the extra work in maintaining my balance and preventing the feet from rolling up under me caused a little high, outside strain on the ligaments between the calf and the ankle (the 9:00 position, if you’re scoring at home).  It’s not sprained, it just feels like I have a bad bruise.  It might be wise not to run 9 miles today—especially if the track is soupy.

So, if I don’t run the 9 today, do I run the RTW tomorrow?  Depends on the missus’s back.  Depends on the likelihood of getting a longer run in later in the day.  Depends on a lot of stuff, I suppose.




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