Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got out of class a little late tonight, so I decided to just do some short 100m sprints instead of 1/4 mile sprints.
The plan: 1 warmup lap, run the straight, walk the curve, 1 cool down lap.

The warmup lap: about 2:00
The sprints: 0:19, 0:16, 0:17, 0:19.
Compared to the last 100m sprints I did:
8/25/09: 0:20, 0:20, 0:19, 0:18.
The cooldown lap: about 2:00.

Not a bad workout. Not a great workout.

Tomorrow I'll lay out my goals for October (sneak preview: they feature a 10 mile AND a 13 mile run!!).

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