Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evening run

I fully intended to run last night.  No, seriously, I did.

Then I didn’t get out of the office until about an hour later than I expected.  No sweat, trim the run from 6 miles to 3.


Then I had to stop by the store.  No sweat, I love my wife and will stop by wherever she needs me to stop to get whatever.


But that meant there would be no run last night.  So, I put my gear together and ran this morning.


Let me make this perfectly clear:  I hate running in the morning almost as much as I hate running any other time of the day.  ESPECIALLY when the “morning” technically hasn’t dawned and it’s still, technically, night time.  My eyes are already blurry from peeling myself out of bed at a stupid hour, and then the headlights are blinding me, and then it’s all dark and shadowy on the ground.  I swear I’m going to break my leg out there.


But the weather was cool and I had all the energy.  It was a quick 3.6 miles to bring my total mileage up to 83.  I’m not going to hit 100 miles by the end of today, and I’m ok with that.  I should hit 85, though, if I get lucky enough to sneak in a little speed work at the track on Memorial.

So, the stats?


18:25 out, 18:38 in.  Total time of 37:04 for a 10:11 pace.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  That’s about a 4:26 marathon, but only if I can keep that pace.  It’s likely closer to a 5:00 marathon, which is the time I want to beat.  4:30 is just about as close to my wildest dreams as it gets right now.

To qualify for Boston, I’d need to bust 3:15 in the next 5 years.  I wonder it would feel like to run a 7:26 pace for 26.2 miles…

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