Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend update

So, the knee was bothering me yesterday. I opted to rest it for the day and maybe take the bike out in the evening. Well, it rained, so I chalked up a day of rest.
Since I didn't stretch the knee out yesterday, I decided to give it another day today and take the bike out. Same 12 mile route (the 14 mile route includes a pair of wicked climbs on TC Jester over the railroad tracks, maybe next week) as last week, but the stats are much more improved. I think the heart and lungs are getting into the game. I might be able to pull this marathon thing off yet.

12.05 miles
25mph max (wind and gravity assisted)
21.5mph max (on the flat, against the wind)
Time: 0:47:09
Average speed: 15.3mph

The wind was in my face going out, and it was brutal. Yahoo says it's coming out of the SE at 14mph. I'm believing it. The good part about an out-and-back is that the wind is only in your face for 1/2 of the ride. The ride home was niiiice.

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