Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The quest for 8 continues

I took in another 3.6 mile run last night, and the first half of the run was again a faster front half than the previous run's first half.  The run overall, however, was slightly slower than the previous outing, partly on account of pushing the pace a little too aggressively on the front half and partly on account of having a headwind for the front half.  I just pooped out on the back half of the run, even with a tail wind.

Nonetheless, I ran a little more than 1.75 miles at a 9:45/mile clip.  I suspect that if I went to a track this weekend and laid it out I could break 9:00 for a mile.  I feel the 8:00 mile is within reach by the end of next month.

Last night I was looking at a calendar and realized that in the month of January there are 3 marathons in the Houston area--1/1, 1/16, and 1/30.  Conceivably I could take a stab at running all three of them.  Something of a "Houston Trifecta".  Of course, for the 1/30 marathon I'd have to actually win a lottery now that the Chevron Houston Marathon has decided to switch to a lottery system rather than simply require their runners to stick to the registration guidelines (roll eyes).  Nonetheless, pulling off a feat like that--with no gu, gatorade, or other manufactured assistance--would be pretty impressive and merely prove that I don't exist.  

Because, as we all know from common knowledge, running is a punishment on the human body and you must feed it artificial garbage, ice it down, wrap it up, and medicate the hell out of it in order for it to be able to run 26.2 miles.

Unless,that is, you think common knowledge is simply wrong and believe that humans are, in fact, born to run.

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