Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 8 minute mile

It's time to set out some performance goals.

Sure, I want to run farther and faster in general, because running is a primal function that helps me feel healthier.  But how much farther?  How much faster?  That's the thing.

As best I can remember I've never run an 8 minute mile.  I know what it feels like to run a 2 minute quarter, but not an 8 minute mile.

That's a good place to start.

Then, I want to run a 25 minute 5k.  That's right, a 25 minute 5k.  Because I don't know what that feels like, either.

And even more importantly than that, I think I can do both of those things before the end of this year.

And if I can do both of those before the end of the year, I can set my sights on a 50 minute 10k, and a 10 mile run in 1:10--which would be the 10 for Texas in October.

And then once I crest the 10 mile hill, I can start zeroing in on the 1:30 half marathon, and maybe start looking at a 3:00 full marathon.  I mean, why the hell not?

I think it's time I started seriously looking into running an 8:00 mile.

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