Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost back to pre-hiatus form

I'm 9 days back from hiatusville.  In those 9 days I've taken in 4 runs, with 3 in a single week (and it will probably be 4 before the start of next week).
Last night's run was a quick little 3.6 mile jaunt from the homestead along our little river path.  It's a good run, but it's nothing exciting.  This weekend may feature a long run (for me) of about 13 miles.  It'll be slow, and agonizing, but it'll get finished, and at this stage that's what's important to me.

Meanwhile, the observations continue.
Last night and this morning, the legs were a little bit wobbly.  There was a point where I could barely maintain control of the muscles last night.  It wasn't entirely a bad thing, just curious.  I'm actually running at least as much now than I was prior to the Chevron Houston Half Marathon, but I was much stronger prior to the CHHM.  Either way, I expect the volume and distances to continue to rise.

On the appetite front, I'm surprised at how quickly that has turned over, too.  I'm ALWAYS hungry, but the cravings are for unusual stuff--at least for me.  Peanut butter, bread, milk, berries and fruits, chicken, leafy greens, eggs, grits, and beans beans beans are the fare that I am seriously wanting to cram down my gullet.  Burgers?  Not so much.  I even went out and bought some chia seeds for tea and gardening.  I may be off my culinary nut.

On the sleep/energy side of the equation...  After the late-ish run last night I showered and settled in for dinner (eggs, grits, milk) around 10pm.  Very late, you'd think.  The food didn't stand a chance.  Before the first commercial break the food was gone, as if it was never there.  I leaned back with the tall glass of milk and nearly passed out right then.  About 10:30 I got up to finish up some chores and clean up a few messes and hit the sack close to 11:30.  When 5:00am came around I was awake before the alarm and rejuvenated with energy I didn't know I had.  They say that with regular exercise and extensive physical exertion your body tends to recuperate and reenergize quicker, and you require less sleep.  The least healthy people actually require the most sleep.  And I remember from prior to the hiatus that I was actually getting less sleep and feeling better in the mornings than from when I had started running the summer prior.  What I wasn't expecting was that particular switch to be flipped quite so quickly.  I figured it'd be a few more weeks before my eyes were snapping open at 5:30 and my legs were getting all twitchy for the day to start.  

Of course, even with the extra energy this morning my legs were still a bit wobbly.  That switch won't be flipped for another few weeks, I'm sure.

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