Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend torture session

I know I should have run Saturday morning.  I even got out of bed at 5 to go to Memorial to run my 3x3 mile repeats.

But something happened between the bed, the alarm, the gear bag, and the door and I found myself back in bed at 8:00am wearing my running shorts, 1 sock, and trying desperately to remember if I had actually run or not.


I had not.


So I know I should have run later that afternoon when it was all overcast and cool.  I didn’t.  I took a nap instead because I had exactly zero energy.  Then we planned an afternoon at Dewberry Farms, then it rained, then I ate some delicious red and black bean stew to store up some energy to use on Sunday for the run.


I know I should have run Sunday morning when it was still cool and only drizzly.  I did not.  This time the alarm had been set, but failed to go off (a bit of an oversight on my part).  I packed up the gear bag and brought it to church.  I had images of running from church down to the end of the White Oak Trail and maybe even heading a few blocks south to cross the bridge for a full 11 mile round trip.


I was getting genuinely pumped.


Alas, the run from church remained merely an image.  When we left the sanctuary to head to fellowship hall the skies opened up and great peals of thunder and brilliant bolts of lightning shredded the sky.  With no small amount of disappointment, I decided to just go home.


A few hours later the rain relented, but the humidity returned.  I know I should have run Saturday, but was left with a late Sunday afternoon run.  Gear on, out the door, no second thoughts.

The plan was 6 miles on the trail, light and easy, some hydration, then 3x1 mile repeats back in the ‘hood.  The front half of the 6 went by easy enough, though the humidity was awful, and an operational error prevented me from accurately clocking my return trip, so half the run was untimed.


The clouds were bringing darkness on early, so I had to boogie to beat the night and made it home ok.  I gobbled a Cliff Bar and chugged some water and headed out to the 1 mile course when the sky lit up again.  The 3 miles were going to have to come another day as the lightning wrote better plans for my evening.

I stood on the scale after the run and saw that I had sweated off 2 lbs.  Maybe that’s why I was feeling so wobbly.


The 10 for Texas is Saturday.  I’m looking forward to that run.


Today has a 3.5 miler scheduled, but I may stretch it to 6.

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