Wednesday, October 7, 2009

100 miles, here I come!!

Today (or tomorrow) should be the day I break 100 miles.

Sunday I went out for a rather dreadfully humid 6 miles, but it didn’t leave me shattered.

Yesterday I went out for a not quite so dreadful 3 miles and thought I was running a little harder than I actually did.  I still managed to come close to 00:29:00 for the circuit.  I was a little surprised I ran as well as I did since the afternoon started with a little …  uh …  gastrointestinal problem.  Yea, that’s a polite way to say it.  It had me worried about dehydration and, well, the obvious problem. 


But everything came out ok in the end.


Tonight I have a meeting at school.  Usually I run on Wednesday mornings, but I had trouble sleeping last night.  I’ll probably run two or three tonight and tack on some track work to get the legs good and worn down so that I can sleep like a drunken baby tonight.


If I do my speedwork tonight, then I’ll rest for the remainder of the week in advance of the 10 miler in the Woodlands.


I’ve been giving serious SERIOUS thought to running the Austin marathon in February.  How nutty is that?  For $110, though, I need to do more than think about it.


I also see that the Marathons of Texas program encourages people to hit Dallas, Houston, and Austin in December, January, and February in some combination of the half and full.  Finishers get a premium award.


I can do a half marathon in December.  Hm.

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