Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The schedule is a challenge in and of itself

So, when you have a loving wife, and two beautiful children, all of whom you actually like, it's exceptionally difficult to get an hour of daylight to yourself to go out for a bike or run.

Well, it's hard for me, at least.

This weekend's ride didn't materialize.  
First, there was the construction meeting.  Then there was lunch with the extended nuclear family.  Then there was the obligatory socializing and nap time (I should have taken my bike to the meeting, then I could have gotten the ride after lunch).  Then it was back home to ready the house for the birthday party.
Then it was up early for lawn work before it got too hot.  Then it was watching the boys while the Lovely Wife went to the store for supplies.  Then it was more house cleaning before the big shindig.  Then there was the shindig.  Then there was cleanup and more obligatory socializing with some really great friends.

I know.  I have a pocket full of excuses.

But I didn't gain a single pound over the weekend.  I held steady, which is good enough.

Now, yesterday (Monday) was another set of issues entirely.  I didn't sleep on Sunday, so I was garbage all day yesterday.  I ached, and had a headache, and couldn't focus my sight (almost like a migraine, but I don't get those), and I was even a little nauseous a couple of times.  All in all, it was not a good day.  Compounded by the fact that I had to get my dry cleaning after 6, so no ride in the morning, no ride at lunch, and the possible time for a ride in the evening was consumed by a combo trip to the dry cleaner and grocery store.  Arriving home at 6:15, then baths for the boys, dinner, and next thing I know I don't have an hour of daylight left to get a ride in.  FML

But today I've planned it out differently.  I have my gear bag and bike at the car so I can snatch a quick hour ride during lunch (maybe 15 miles).  Failing that I'll knock off at about 4:30 and grab an hour then, getting home between 6 and 6:30 so I can grab the oldest and get to baseball practice.  It'll be tight (4:30 - 4:45, change and prep the bike; 4:45-5:45, ride like the wind!, 5:45 - 6:00 towel off and cool down, 6:00-6:20 drive home as fast as I effin' can, because 6:30 is baseball practice.  Ugh!)  Needless to say, if the ride doesn't happen at lunch, there's a VERY good chance that the ride doesn't happen at all.  

Maybe I drop off the boy and hit the road while he's at practice.  That doesn't seem quite right, though.

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