Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another set in the books

Good ride yesterday.

Really good ride.

I took in 18 miles, to bring the total for the week to 35 (and a new top speed on flats of 25 mph!).  That brings the weekly mileage completion ration to 35%, the hours in the saddle ratio to 33%, and the week is 42% complete.  I'll likely not ride tonight (unless I get lucky and can squeeze out an hour), but I'll hopefully get in a ride tomorrow of a solid 15 to 20 miles.  That'll leave me with a good, long ride to do over the weekend of 40 miles or so.

Oh, and as a bonus, I've already dropped 30% of my goal weight for the month.  Sure, most of it's water weight, and that's fine.  The first 5 comes off quick.  The next 10 will be slightly more challenging.  And the 30 that follows that will be even more challenging.  But no sweat.  I can swing it.

The better news is that the heel is almost pain free, even with the added activity and exertion.  Cycling puts almost no strain on my Achilles tendon and there's hardly any impact to inflame the connection at the heel.  If this keeps up I should be in shape to tentatively start running again in the fall.  Plus, if the weight loss continues apace, I should be a leaner and trimmer runner--more so than I've been since picking it back up.

The real question won't be whether or not I can run, but whether or not I want to get off the bike and into the road flats.  The thought of it is just...  ugh.

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